Microsoft Azure Marketplace Integrates On-Ramp to Blockchain Data

• Microsoft Azure Marketplace integrates on-ramp to blockchain data
• Space and Time CEO Nate Holiday said this would allow enterprises to build on the blockchain without compromising security and computing power.
• Microsoft’s M12 fund joined the strategic funding round for Space and Time along with other investors like Avalanche, Polygon, HashKey and more.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace Integrates On-Ramp to Blockchain Data

Microsoft has announced that developers can now deploy their data warehouse directly from the Azure Marketplace, an online store providing services and applications for use on Azure. This integration allows businesses to access decentralized data without having to rebuild their existing infrastructure, allowing them to quickly onboard large enterprise data volumes into smart contracts and new use cases for indexed blockchain data.

Space and Time CEO Nate Holiday

Space and Time CEO Nate Holiday commented that verifiable data across blockchains, enterprises, and artificial intelligence (AI) is very important. He believes that by providing enterprises with the ability to integrate blockchain data into their applications and business processes it is critical for both customer growth as well as enabling responsible data stewardship.

Microsoft Azure Executive Kathleen Mitford

Microsoft Azure executive Kathleen Mitford also commented on this new development saying that it equips developers with the tools necessary to create a next generation of use cases for blockchain. She also mentioned that “at Microsoft we are empowering growth across emerging markets—including blockchain and distributed data.”

Strategic Funding Round Involving Microsoft’s M12 Fund

On September 22nd 2022, Microsoft’s M12 fund joined a strategic funding round involving Space and Time along with other investors such as Avalanche, Polygon, HashKey among others. This shows how much Microsoft values blockchain technology as they continue investing in companies utilizing innovative solutions in this space.

AI Chips Developed by Microsoft

In other news related to Microsoft’s efforts in the tech industry, they have been developing AI chips which will help reduce costs of development for OpenAI as well as their own in-house projects according to reports from Cointelegraph. It appears these chips may be released soon in an effort reduce reliance on Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPU).

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