Secure Your Crypto – Self-Custody Solutions Are On the Rise

• Ethereum users are increasingly demanding self-custody solutions due to incidents of token loss.
• Casa CTO Jameson Lopp stated that his company is responding to this demand by providing Ethereum support.
• He also noted that learning proper security habits for self-custody can be intimidating, but Casa provides products which make it easier.

Increased Demand for Ethereum Self-Custody Solutions

Growing Awareness of Secure Storage Methods

The demand for Ethereum self-custody solutions is growing, according to Jameson Lopp, co-founder and chief technology officer of Bitcoin wallet provider Casa. In a conversation with Cointelegraph at Bitcoin 2023, Lopp stated that the increased number of Ethereum users seeking secure storage methods has made it necessary for his company to provide Ethereum support. This was in response to incidents such as the collapse of FTX in 2022, where some users lost tokens because they did not have a secure storage method in place.

Making Security Habits Easier To Learn

Lopp acknowledged that many users perceive self-custody as having a daunting “learning curve” due to the complexity of practicing proper security habits. In order to address this issue, Casa announced in December that it would be adding Ethereum support and baking security best practices into its products so users can follow its directions and “be human” without suffering catastrophic losses if mistakes are made. The company initially targeted “mega-whales” willing to spend large amounts on custody services but eventually expanded its offerings to include free versions with limited features today.

Casa Offering Comprehensive Services

Casa offers an “extreme-security cold-storage setup with distributed keys,” according to Lopp, which allows clients to store their cryptocurrencies safely and securely even when mistakes occur. It also provides additional services such as multisig wallets and key management tools so clients can manage their own keys without relying on third parties or custodians while ensuring their assets remain safe from malicious actors or unexpected events like hacks or system failures.

Increasingly Competitive Crypto Custodian Market

The crypto custodian market has become increasingly competitive over the past few years, so companies like Casa are being forced to innovate in order to remain competitive and attract new customers. These companies are now offering comprehensive services including secure storage methods, multisig wallets, key management tools and more in order to keep up with user demands without sacrificing security or convenience..


In conclusion, increased awareness of the need for secure storage methods has led many people (especially those using Ethereum) towards self-custody solutions offered by companies like Casa who offer comprehensive services including secure storage methods, multisig wallets, key management tools etc., catering for both experienced crypto holders as well as newcomers looking for a reliable way of storing their digital assets securely without having too steep a learning curve when it comes understanding best practices related to proper security habits .

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